Twister Media

Twister Media Group is a family business with over two decades of experience in live audience interaction services for media clients. Our company is characterized by long-standing relationships with both our customers and our dedicated team of specialists. Today, our subsidiaries are situated in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

We have a strong belief in the opportunities offered by technology. That is why Twister has always invested in core technologies that give content creators the tools to connect more people and which allow for new types of experiences to be created. This belief also translates into how we work among our group of companies; Twister Media Group acts as a facilitator and platform for our subsidiaries and participations to build upon.

Twister Media Group was the first to implement live audience interaction applications in Europe, notably providing televoting applications for the Big Brother TV shows. In 2004, we launched the first Pan-European televoting platform. Since then, our technology allows over 120 million viewers in 41 countries to vote for their favorite performers in the Eurovision Song Contest.

We are convinced that audiences interacting with creators adds a unique layer of excitement to live broadcasts – an edge in the battle against the dominance of on-demand content platforms. Like the web went through a revolution in the early days of social networks, we aim to bring these interactive capabilities to more traditional mass media and broadcasting.

While our main services are based on telecommunication technologies like phone calls and SMS, we are also applying our expertise towards the development of cutting-edge online tools that bring audience interaction to any device the future can throw at us.