Twister Media Group

About Twister Media Group (TMG)

TMG's core competence is to mediate between the content driven world of Mass Media and the technology focused telecommunication companies. It is positioned as "a media company", speaking both the language of Mass Media executives and Telcos alike.

Responding to the declining advertising market, TMG was the first European company to create and realize efficient "new additional income models" for commercial TV broadcasters.

TMG's scope


TMG operates in more than 40 European countries, targeting 300 million households and 400 million mobile phone users. Today TMG generates more than 300 million transactions per annum and is the #1 Television Application Service Provider in Germany and Switzerland.

TMG utilizes cutting edge technology for mass response applications. All platforms have full CRM capabilities.

TMG continues to improve its databases with profiled data coming from end-users through the various mass media channels. These databases make it possible to further personalize and commercialize the interaction between end-user and mass media channels.

Twister Media Group