Twister Media Group

Twister Media Group (TMG)

TMG was founded in 1997 and operates through a Dutch Holding Company. Meanwhile the company is active in over 40 different European countries and has two main operating companies in:

TMG uses Telecommunication Networks to enable direct and full interaction between Mass Media (Television, Radio, Internet and Print) and their users.

Integrating telephone, mobile handset or Internet devices into one-way mass media channels, turns them into two-way mass media channels.

Successful implementations of these products and services allow Mass Media to automatically link its users into online and/or mobile communities.

TMG pioneered in the development of mass response platforms and implemented the first mass televoting application (Big Brother) in the largest European domestic market.

In 2004 TMG implemented the first European wide televoting platform, enabling over 100 million viewers from over 40 countries to choose the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

TMG is seated in Beringe and it's Managing Director is Mark Vaessen.

Twister Media Group