Twister Media Group

Products and services

TMG produces a variety of interactive mass response services (e.g. voice, SMS, MMS, email, apps and web portals) using today's telecommunication networks.

These services are being offered to end-users via mass media channels such as Television, Teletext, Radio, Print and the Internet.

German TV programs with TMG mass response services are/were e.g.:


  • 'Deutschland Sucht den Superstar' (Pop Idols)

  • 'Das Supertalent' (Germany's Got Talent)

  • 'Wer wird Millionär?' (Who wants to be a Millionair?)

  • 'Punkt12' (RTL's Mittagsjournal)

  • 'Big Brother' (series 1-10)

TMG mass response technologies and infrastructures are flexible and innovative and ready to meet future market demand.

TMG develops its own products and services and has a successful track record in producing innovative and creative products and services.

TMG operates its proprietary pan-European mass response platform, which today enables mass response (voice and mobile) transactions in all EU countries. TMG is a key partner for the EBU in managing all interactive aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest (the biggest live TV Event in Europe). The live voting, with up to 120 million viewers, is the largest of its kind in the world.

Twister Media Group